Laser Hair Removal

Before the visit

If you wax, we recommend avoiding waxing for at least one week to two weeks prior to your visit.  You will need to shave 24-48 hours prior to the visit depending on how quickly your hair grows.  For the best results, avoid tanning or using sunless tanner.  The lighter the skin the more effective the laser is at targeting your hair follicles.  Clean the skin prior to your visit but leave it free of lotions or cosmetics.

During the Visit 

At your first visit, we will review your medical history, as well as determine your Fitzpatrick Skin Type.  Fitzpatrick Skin typing is a classification system to determine your skin’s reaction to UV light and allows us to provide safe and most effective level of energy to destroy the hair follicle.  You will wear a pair of protective glasses to protect your retina from laser light.  Our laser uses vacuum-assisted and cooled tips to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. 

After the Visit

Avoid excessive sun exposure for 7 days post-laser, and wear UVA/UVB SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.  (We Recommend TIZO).  There may be some small amount of skin irritation the day of the procedure.  You can take Tylenol for any mild discomfort you feel after the procedure.  If you are having a sensitive area (like the bikini line), a cool compress may help relieve the any discomfort as well. 


Skin Typing

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type is a classification system used to determine your skin’s response to UV radiation exposure.  In general individuals with light skin, and dark hair are the easiest to treat.  However with our advanced LightSheer diode laser we can overcome the higher epidermal melanin concentrations in dark skin providing safe, comfortable and efficacious treatments. *Laser will not treat white hair.  

How Many Treatments?

You will see the most drastic reduction in hair regrowth after your first and second visits.  For the best results we recommend a series of 5 visits spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  Typically, by visits 3-5 we are spot treating to get you the most complete hair removal possible.  Each visit becomes more comfortable as there is less and less hair being destroyed by the laser.  Skin and hair color as well as hair thickness play the largest role in the number of treatments needed.  



Laser Hair Removal has exploded in the US and is widely viewed as safe and effective procedure.  There are a few conditions in which you may want to delay treatment.  If you have malignant melanoma, blistered or broken skin, an active Herpes Simplex Virus (HPV), or other dermatological condition please let our Medical Provider know so they can determine if laser is safe for you.  For patients with a history of HSV, you may consider consulting our Nurse Practitioner for an anti-viral (Valtrex) prescription to reduce the chance of an outbreak.



The Benefits Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is used to reduce unwanted hair.  Common treatment locations include legs, armpits, upper lip, chin, bikini line, and back (in Men).  However it is possible to treat unwanted hair in nearly any area.  

Laser hair removal has become affordable for everyone.  When you compare the cost of laser to the ongoing cost of expensive disposable razors, the procedure pays for itself and is better for the environment than disposable razors.  

Laser hair removal is perfect for the Hawai’i lifestyle.  You will stay beach ready, and never need to worry about shaving your legs before heading to the beach or for an evening out.  And with no more irritation and razor-bumps we guarantee your skin will always look its very best. 



Pricing per treatment – Recommend 5 treatments for complete hair removal. Our most popular options listed below, please contact us if you have questions or would like a quote on a specific area.  Mahalos. 



Lower Legs




Beard (Male)


Upper Lip


Upper Legs


Full Brazilian


Full Back


Packages & Bundles

Tizo Sunscreen

Reef Safe – Mineral Based

Tizo mineral based sunscreen is reef safe and pairs perfectly with laser hair removal.  Available in lightly tinted formulation to give you a sun kissed even matte finish, poolside or at the beach. 

Complimentary Consultations

Do you still have questions if Laser Hair Removal is a good choice for you?  We are happy to offer complimentary consolations where we can determine your Fitzpatrick Skin Type, listen to your hair removal goals and provide treatment options and exceptions.  No charge for our consultations. 


What They Say

Amy H. - Kaneohe

“Mahalo Vicki, after laser I haven’t shaved my legs in years.  I couldn’t be more happy with my results”

Racheal S. - Kailua

“I was nervous the laser would be painful, but the staff put me at ease.  They demonstrated the what the laser feels like.  I was amazed you only feel a quick suction from the vaccume hardly any discomfort at all.  The whole procedure only took 20 minutes”

Leilani K. - Kapolei

I’ve been coming to Koolau Clinic for laser hair removal and I’m seeing great results. It’s also always easy to get an appointment and the Nurses for the laser are very friendly and good at what they do. Overall, I would highly recommend the place.

E komo mai

Ditch the Razor        Hello Laser


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