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Radiesse is a FDA approved dermal filler that can remove wrinkes, restore lost volume and reduce the signs of aging in hands.  The volume that Radiesse provides can minimize the visibility of veins and tendons, providing a smooth natural result.  

What is Radiesse?

The active ingredient in Radiesse is Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA).  CaHA microspheres are combined with other ingredients to form an injectable gel that is absorbed over time and metabolized by the body naturally.


How it works 

The filler works by immediately replacing lost volume in the hands while also stimulating new collage production for improved results over time.  After your Radiesse treatment, results can last up to one year, and repeated treatments often require fewer infections.  

What Causes Aged Hands?

Our hands display visible changes as we age.  As the epidermis thins, and collage and elastin production decreases, the appearance of the skin on the back of our hands changes.  The skin becomes lax, and thin, and the underlying tendons, veins and bones (metacarpals) become visible.  The culprits? Genetics, the environment, and your health all contribute to aging hands.  

What to expect during

During the procedure a small needle is used to inject small amounts of Radiesse under the skin in the hands.  Our experienced nurses will target the placement of the Radiesse to achieve the desired correction.  The treatment area is gently massage to ensure even distribution.  You may experience mild discomfort, but we can help by using a topical or injected anesthetic if needed to reduce any discomfort. 

What to expect after

Most patients experience mild swelling and discomfort in the 1-3 days after the procedure. Applying an ice pack, and NSAIDS/Tylenol are typically that is needed to reduce any discomfort.  You will notice some immediate improvement in volume and the improvement will continue to improve for weeks after as your body is stimulated to build additional collagen.   


Hands tell our true age

Do your hands reveal your true age? Crepey, thin skin on the back of your hands is a telltale sign of aging. Over time, even the most youthful hands that are meticulously cared for begin to age and appear frail, revealing unsightly bones and veins. Sun exposure is just part of the aging equation, as the natural progression of aging robs us of natural collagen and elastin production. A Radiesse hands treatment can turn back time and ease away your aging frustrations by helping your body restore this lost volume and skin elasticity.

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