“Room 2 needs a catheter STAT.”
“Room 4 is complaining of new onset chest pain.”
“Room 3 is having vague abdominal pain and requires a full workup.”
“The radio is going off … incoming trauma in 3 minutes.” 

Vicki Garrett, RN
Co-Owner, Injection Nurse

ER/Trauma nursing was my world for 34 years. My passion. A fast paced world where you have to think on your feet and be ready to change your focus in an instant. A typical day involves treating multiple patients for a myriad of complaints, patient education and LOTS of different personalities that you need to navigate…both patients AND staff. 

The high stress environment and emotional roller coaster of critical care started taking its toll on me. It happened slowly…I started not wanting to go to work… I thought I didn’t care anymore, I thought I was done with nursing…turns out I was just done with the ER. I was scared. I had never worked anywhere outside the ER and the ICU my entire nursing career. If I was “done” being a nurse…what would I do? 

One nightshift, there was a lull in the flow of patients. I was sitting talking to my workmates, lamenting about what I should do. Kathy was on that night as well. She said “You should learn how to give Botox…I do…Its fun”. We all laughed at her…”Botox nurses arent “real nurses”. On the contrary, I learned that Aesthetics a booming field, and many aesthetic RNs come from the ER. She planted a seed. 

I found a Botox class and found out I loved it. It meets my need to be a nurse and use my clinical judgement as well as stimulating my creative side. It takes a creative eye, a strong knowledge of anatomy and vasculature as well as the ability to work closely with a client and lead them down the path to their aesthetic goals, to be an aesthetic nurse. 

While I was learning the trade working in area MediSpas, as well as creating a following of clients who loved my work, Kathy went back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner, (a trained, licensed healthcare clinician that is able to diagnose and prescribe medication without being under the supervision of an MD. Her own entity, if you will.) Little did we know we’d end up being business partners. 

Mele Kalikimaka!

Ko’olau Clinic started with me, doing mobile neurotoxins, and Kathy being my medical director. (Neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin require an advanced practitioner to sign for it…like a prescription.) Slowly, mostly through word of mouth, I started getting clients. My clients started asking for Dermal Fillers (Hyalauronic acid’s like Restylane, Juviderm or Belotero to give volume and lift to soft tissue areas to help with plumping lips, volumizing cheeks and filling deep creases) So…we added dermal fillers. Eventually I got certified in skin care treatments and decided to get a small studio so I could add facials to the menu. 

It seems Kathy knew what was going on with building this company before I did…Next thing I knew, we were in a new location, decorating a new office. She was adding Primary Practice, Laser Hair Removal, Medically assisted Weight Loss, Ultherapy and Cellfina to our services as well as pulling in a brilliant “business guy”, Jason, another RN (that she encouraged to go back to school to get his MBA) to take care of all the back office stuff that goes into growing and maintaining a business. The three of us together are redefining the typical MediSpa by creating a comfortable, no pressure atmosphere “One Stop Shop” where you can take care of your aesthetic needs as well as consult with a Nurse Practitioner about your health, get IV hydration or your prescriptions refilled. 

It was a life changing decision, deciding to start this business. To leave the ER, to entirely change my specialty. Do I miss the hustle-bustle of the ER? Sometimes…like an athlete or a soldier reliving the “glory days”. But I love every single day in my new role. It’s a great feeling building long lasting relationships with our Ohana of clients. It’s a privilege to be trusted by them, and to be a part of boosting their confidence for a natural looking result. 

Kathy and I have some great stories, stop in to hear a few, and get a free consultation, fix those frown lines, or get suggestions on what products work well for your skin concerns. Why? Because “ People will stare…make it worth their while” 


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